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The Brookside Roofing Roof Installation Checklist

At Brookside Roofing, Inc. we want to make sure you are totally comfortable with your roofing and guttering decision. To insure you are prepared, here is our Roof Installation Checklist. Contact us with any questions or concerns.




  1. Protect any items in the yard or attic that you think could be damaged during the installation. (i.e. air conditioner, furnace in the attic, landscaping, yard furniture, etc.)
  2. Inform your neighbors that Brookside Roofing will be installing your new roof so they are prepared for the activity that will transpire during the installation, especially if you have a shared easement.
  3. We cannot guarantee the arrival of crews and material due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  4. If electrical outlets are not available outside of your house, please make arrangements with us to connect to electricity inside the house.
  5. As a precaution we ask that you remove any valuable items hanging on interior walls that may fall due to vibrations.
  6. Ensure that we have a contact number for you during the job.


  1. Leave your driveway open for the roofing crew, park your automobiles on the street or away from the work area.
  2. Be prepared for noise during the installation of the roof.
  3. Protect small children and pets away from the work area.
  4. We take precautions to try to protect your gutters and trim boards, but there may be damage.
  5. Weather can delay the installation of your new roof; however, we will take precautions to protect the inside of your home if inclement weather is threatening.
  6. Notify the crew when you enter or exit the house to ensure your safety.
  7. The crew will clean up the job site at the end of each day, however, during the day doors may be blocked temporarily.




  1. Upon completion of job site clean up a Brookside Roofing crew member will drag a magnet across your driveway and yard to try and get all of the nails.
  2. In some instances, you may have to touch up paint or repair stucco or siding where the old roofing was removed.
  3. Check the roof and ground. If questions or concerns arise, please notify Brookside Roofing immediately for an explanation or correction.

If questions or concerns arise, please notify Joe immediately for an explanation or correction.

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